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grimmy's · life

Another Dream Post

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OK.... I had a very active R.E.M. cycle last night. Here's the standout. The dream took place in downtown San Diego. it was mid December. I was in a cafe with SNSD's Yuri. She mentioned to me that she would be on her own on Christmas and she thought we should spend it together. I didn't get the point and said "You know who else is on their own? Seohyun and Sooyoung." Yuri frowned and then I figured out that she wanted to spend Christmas with me. I touched her hand and said "That would be lovely."                                                                                    I'm having some trouble analysing  this one. The two images that make me wonder about most is 1: I'm not a fan of Christmas.. 2: I'm far more active in AKB48 fandom than SNSD so why was I with Yuri? So other than the "I'd really like to date a Kpop/Jpop star" I'm at a loss to know analyze this very vivid dream.  It's always fun to see what my subconscious brain come up with.
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