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First of 2013

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I'm thinking about changing this to a dream journal. Mostly cause my real life holds almost no interest for me. So far this year I've had two notable dreams. Note: I do not believe dreams are messages from beyond, I feel dreams are just the idle brain with time on it's hands playing around with concepts. I can analyze my own dreams ok.
1: I had become homeless but I got my old cat back. So I was pushing a cat carrier all over downtown San Diego. I have no idea what this means..

2: I had met Takihashi Minami (AKB48) She was very kind and sweet and I was trying to take a picture of the two of us with my cell phone but it refused to work. I'm sure the point of this dream is to remind myself to live in the moment rather than to try to package it. Also I'm getting more into AKB fandom because of the anime AKB0048.Takamina is my favorite member because of the strength of her personality and her sharp wit.
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